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We have moved our blog to allthe7thfloors.blogspot.com


Pure genius


This is absolutely brilliant!  O2 have set up a group on Facebook called ‘The Battle for the UK’s Favourite University’.  This ties in perfectly with their ‘Favourite Placecampaign and instead of going on about how great O2 is, it is encouraging people to get together and chat about how fantastic their university is, why it’s more fun than others, what’s cool etc. The more Facebook activity a uni has, the more points it earns.  The uni with the most points at the end of it will win a £50k party.  Currently there are 75,814 members, with 1,203 discussion topics and 2,651 wall posts.  You need to have a facebook profile to look at it but if you have one, check it out here.  So simple, yet so clever. Come on Exeter!!


Woooah company badges!

yup, web site is still delayed but heh, we’ve got badges!


A great station (almost)


The new St Pancras looks stunning, although it should be said with only a handful of weeks left before opening there is a lot still to do, as evidenced by a huge number of scurrying blokes in Hi-Vis jackets seen today. I find large railway stations deeply romantic, something about sudden travel and impulsive actions. I’ve travelled most of Europe by train and despite our best efforts to get everyone off to the States via MAXjet trans-continental train journeys still have a lot to offer.

Punk’s not dead

Robert and myself spent the morning in Derby talking with our new client the teenage fashion brand; Golddigga. A fantastic chance find of a pub for lunch was the Victoria Arms. Old school punk / metal live venue and seller of extremely well kept real ale. One room is lined with photos of the bands who’ve passed through, from the just before making it (Snow Patrol ‘03) to the ‘my god are they still playing?’ (UK Subs ’07 – how old is their singer Charlie Harper? – I was a teenage punk when i first met him at the London Lyceum during a Damned gig in 1979!)

I love these ads

I’m sure most of us have seen the gorgeous Sony Bravia ads with the balls bouncing around San Francisco, the paint shooting up some buildings in Glasgow, and the latest execution which shows play-doh bunnies frolicking around New York.  But what about an ad that has been made especially for Egpyt?  It shows thousands of coloured cotton reels being thrown down one of the pyramids – check it out here.


Media placement

The West London Clinic We are running a bunch of classified ads for our new client The West London Clinic this month. The art department at Vogue have obviously got far too much time on their hands – our ad being rather neatly placed to fit with another.  There is a branding campaign coming soon and a new web site in the offering.